‘Will My New R Station Really Look Like These Renderings?’

Sarah Serpas
Associate Planner,
Community Planning & Design,

Dear Transportation Team,

My subway station is going to be closed for an extensive renovation from June 5th until “the fall.” It’s one of only a handful of stations where the MTA couldn’t add wifi – apparently because of asbestos – so I think they’ve just decided to do a complete overhaul.

For the past few days, an MTA staffer has been posted at the turnstiles with boards showing the renderings and handing out brochures, which seems to be a nice way of letting us know this is happening. The photos below show ads on the platform (big fan of their phrasing with “HALF A LOAF”).

Will my new station and new R train really look like these renderings?


Richard Barone
Vice President of Transportation Programs,
That’s the plan, Sarah.

It’s part of the 30 station design-build effort to clean up and modernize some of the oldest subway stations in the system. These efforts are important and will improve your experience as a rider.

However, your revamped station won’t fix the train delays resulting from the MTA’s antiquated signaling system or forgone maintenance. Improving your commute from start to finish will require bigger investments. Here’s a few of them.

All the best,


Photo: Office of the Governor of New York

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