What We’re Reading: NYC’s Beaches, Parks and Pools Attract Record Crowds

Energy and Environment

New York City’s beaches, parks and pools have drawn record crowds in the past few years, raising concerns of overcrowding. [New York Times]

New Jersey’s freight rail bridges, often used to transport crude oil and chemicals across the state’s waterways, are in poor condition and in need of repair. [NJTV]

As New York passed one of the nation’s strongest renewable energy policies, the plan for building out the transmission lines it will need to implement those policies remains uncertain. [Politico]

Community Planning and Design

High-density housing is beginning to take shape in Jersey City’s historic Journal Square, bolstered by transit access. [Wall Street Journal]

A new NYC law gives greater recourse to small businesses who fall victim to harassment from their landlords. [WNYC]

Connecticut’s Fairfield County ranks as one of the counties in the country with the highest income inequality, according to data from the Economic Policy Institute. [CT Mirror]

Governor Cuomo announced a new initiative to expand high-speed broadband access to 145,000 unserved households, primarily in upstate New York. [Times-Herald Record]


NYC Department of Transportation announced the launch of a study to explore widening pedestrian access on the Brooklyn Bridge, which the agency dubbed as the ‘Times Square in the Sky’. [New York Times]

Despite delays in implementing communications-based train control for the lettered subway lines, the MTA is testing a work around that would allow for countdown clocks in stations along these lines. [WNYC]


Photo: Coney Island by Andrew H // Flickr Creative Commons

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