We’re TWO DAYS away from our $25,000 goal!

When I joined RPA in 2007, it was the Third Regional Plan that was guiding majority of RPA’s work. But around 2010, right after the Great Recession, we realized that the region had fundamentally changed since 1996 and that it was probably time for a new plan.

New York City was recovering economically much faster than the suburbs—the city was still struggling in 1996—and in fact, signs of a crisis of affordability were emerging. Technology was changing everything—1996 was the year I first used email. Climate change had barely been mentioned in the third plan, but by 2010 obviously was a major issue.

So 2012, we set out to listen to residents, local leaders, and our civic partners about what they were seeing. And that got us started on a five-year path to explore housing needs, travel patterns, economic trends and environmental threats in communities across our region.

In November 2017, RPA released the Fourth Regional Plan – complete with 61 recommendations that can and will transform our region into a more sustainable, healthy and equitable place to live.

With just two days left, we invite you to join us in turning this monumental plan into a book—one that will be coveted and cherished for many generations to come. And when you order your own copy of the fourth plan, you will also have the option to donate another to a local school, library or government office.

Together, we can make this region work for all of us.



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