The Time For Triboro Has Come

New York City faces a reckoning when it comes to how we will pay for much-needed large-scale transit upgrades and expansion projects. Regional Plan Association supports forward-thinking solutions like the proposed Brooklyn-Queens Connector (BQX), but we also envision a broader network of new and improved transit in the outer boroughs.

RPA strongly endorses NYC Transit’s Fast Forward plan, which provides a roadmap to fixing the bus systems – it calls for redesigning each of the networks in the outer boroughs to improve service, giving buses dedicated lanes and traffic priority to increase speeds, strengthening the fleet, and enhancing operations to create more reliability. But we also call for a network of new services, including the BQX and a line we call the Triboro.

The Triboro would run along an existing rail right-of-way that stretches 24 miles from Co-op City in the Bronx to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. This above ground, fully grade-separated line already provides  freight service and can be adapted to include passenger service for residents in the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn.

RPA has done extensive research into this circumferential transit line. Capital costs would range from $1 billion to $2 billion for a line that would initially provide 100,000 daily riders direct connection among the three boroughs and transfers to 17 subway lines and 4 commuter rail lines. Riders would see reduced commuting times and could potentially save three days each year. For example, a trip from Astoria to Brownsville would be reduced by 30 minutes.

Over the next year, RPA will be heading to the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn to build awareness and support for the Triboro line. We’ll be meeting with local business groups, community leaders, and elected officials to discuss how this project would benefit their communities and identify key transit concerns along the corridor. RPA will also develop a public event to give community members an opportunity to learn more about the project and discuss their needs and concerns with surface transportation experts.

New York needs practical solutions to take control of its transportation destiny. Surface transit offers a promising solution to help move the City forward.

Click here to learn more about the Triboro and its potential.

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