RPA Launches Healthy Regions Planning Exchange

This week, Regional Plan Association launched a nationwide learning exchange between organizations in 8-10 regions across the country.

The national political discussion tends to focus on divisions between urban, suburban and rural, but in fact, four out of five Americans live in similar places: metropolitan regions.  This means that regional planning policies – or the lack thereof – shape the lives of the vast majority of Americans.

Despite this, there are relatively few forums for peer to peer exchange that target complicated regional planning policies, particularly those related to health and equity specifically.  This is why Regional Plan Association is launching the Healthy Regions Planning Exchange. The Exchange will bring together organizations from 8-10 regions across the country to discuss what policies and strategies work to promote healthier and more equitable region.. A particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring the participation of communities of color and low income communities, and helping planning organizations more directly address social equity in their work.

The program will run from January 2019 through spring of 2020.  Activities will include two symposiums, in Spring 2019 and Spring 2020, and a series of webinars in between the symposiums on topics selected by the participants.  Travel expenses will be covered and honorariums will be offered to cover participation. If you are working on regional planning issues related to housing, economic opportunity, transportation or climate adaptation, we hope you consider applying!   

Find out more here.  For any questions, please email Mandu Sen at mandu@rpa.org.

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