New York State Budget Must Include FixNYC Provisions

This week, the Senate and Assembly released their budget resolutions, both of which failed to come up with adequate funding to turn the subways around.

Now with about two weeks left until the budget must be finalized,  it is time to put more pressure on the Governor, as well as Assemblymembers and State Senators, to let them know why they must include the FixNYC plan in this year’s budget.

Specifically, this means: 

  1. Funds for an environmental impact study and at least $200 million for infrastructure needed to implement a cordon fee in the most congested parts of Manhattan. If we don’t fund this now, we’ll be delayed several more years before we can start bringing in additional revenue to fix the subways. 
  2. An equal surcharge on any “for-hire-vehicle” — no matter its color, no matter how you hail it. A yellow cab causes as much congestion as an Uber and its passengers should pay the same amount. 
  3. Funds to begin to improve outer borough and suburban transit so these commuters have a good alternative when congestion pricing is implemented. This funding may come in part from a real FHV fee. 
  4. Funds for the City to implement increased traffic enforcement to ensure we’re using all of the tools in our toolbox to fight traffic

It’s the combination of these things that make FixNYC work and provide the biggest benefits to drivers and transit riders alike.

Want the highlights of the FixNYC plan and why it works where other plans fall short?  

Download our FixNYC factsheet. 


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