Map Monday: Anchor Institutions in the NY Region

In the New York region, we have a rich array of anchor institutions, from very old universities and hospitals like Yale and Mount Sinai to community colleges and smaller health systems.  These institutions are important, well-established presences in their communities.

Traditionally we rely on government and developers to drive the investment and infrastructure of places, but these institutions can play a greater role, serving as potential partners for community development.

This map highlights the region’s colleges, universities and hospitals and the race and poverty landscape of their surrounding neighborhoods.

Data Source: HRSA Data Warehouse, 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-year estimates.
The percent white, non-Hispanic categories are categorized as: “Mostly white” – more than 75%; “Mixed” – 25-75%; “Mostly nonwhite” – less than 25%.  The percent of population living below poverty level is categorized as: “Low” – less than 10%; “Medium” – 10-20%; “High” – more than 20%.

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