Kevin Corbett Tapped As New Head of NJ Transit

This morning, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that Kevin Corbett will be the new Executive Director of New Jersey Transit.

Currently, Corbett serves as the vice president of strategic development in the U.S. Northwest Region of AECOM.

Joining the RPA board of directors in 2006, Corbett has provided extraordinary service for more than a decade, advising RPA on various issues around transit and infrastructure. He is also responsible for launching the Transportation Committee, to which he currently serves as co-chair. Along with co-chair Doreen Frasca, Kevin helped shaped some of the most critical transit recommendations within the Fourth Regional Plan, along with vice president of transportation Rich Barone and RPA transportation program staff.

Governor Murphy is dedicated to improving the NJ Transit system, and is making it one of his administration’s main priorities.

“Kevin is a long standing RPA board member and more recently also the co-chair of the Transportation committee that advised staff in developing and promoting the recommendations in the Fourth Regional Plan,” said vice president of transportation Rich Barone. “Kevin’s extensive expertise and passion were crucial in the development of our recommendations for Penn Station, subway and commuter rail, including RPA’s ambitious proposal for the Trans-Regional Express.”

Undoubtedly, Kevin is stepping into one of the most challenging positions in the region right now, but one that will benefit the NJ Transit riders that are sorely in need of better service.  In addition to his service to RPA’s board, Kevin sits on the boards of number of civic organizations, demonstrating his dedication and passion to making this region better for the 23 million people who live in it.

We commend and congratulate him for stepping up to such a necessary position of leadership, and we look forward to working with him further in the near future.

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