If you live in the NY-NJ-CT region, here’s how much time you’ve lost commuting

Day in and day out, millions of people across the United States hop in and out of cars, subways and buses traveling between their homes and places of work.

Specifically in the New York City metro area, commuters have the unique experience of biding their time by waiting in sweltering underground subway stations and sitting in traffic on congested highways and streets. It’s a well-known part of our daily routine that can cause stress, anxiety and sometimes, even our jobs.

In a report from EducatedDriver.org, researchers crunched numbers of 1,000 U.S. cities and found that Americans lose on average 408 days of their life commuting. That’s a little over ONE YEAR sitting in your car, on a subway, in an Uber/Lyft or on a bus that could be spent with family and friends, starting a business, going for a run or doing something else that brings you joy and happiness.

For commuters in our region, these times are another reason why it is so imperative for a solid plan on congestion pricing to be passed, subway and bus service to be improved and even the Gateway Project to be implemented so that we’re spending less time on the roads and rails, and more time with our family and friends.

To find these figures, EduactedDriver.org used data from the U.S. Census to calculate the average daily round trip commute times based on the average number of days that an American works a year (about 250 days including vacation and sick leave.)

I took a look at the interactive map and pulled the data specifically for the New York- New Jersey-Connecticut region and wasn’t surprised to find that our region’s findings are the highest in the country.

Check out the staggering times for our region below, and click here to explore the map for times in other parts of the country.

White Plains, NY-NJ 74.2 minutes 580
Jersey City, NY-NJ 74.2 minutes 580
Newark, NY-NJ-PA 71.8 minutes 561
Suffolk County, NY 66.8 minutes 561
Putnam County, NY 67.8 minutes 530
Dutchess County, NY 67.8 minutes 530
Nassau County, NY 66.8 minutes 522
Stamford, CT 59.4 minutes 464
Norwalk, CT 59.4 minutes 464
Bridgeport, CT 59.4 minutes 464
Milford, CT 49.2 minutes 384
New Haven, CT 49.2 minutes 384


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    R. Paaswell

    It is more complex than “time lost”. Time taken to commute often comes from major choices of the commuter – where to live and where to work at the top, and what mode to use to make that link. In a congested area like NYC, where median incomes are the highest in the country, commuters are making choices based on access to work and other amenities where they live. But there is also equity – those who have long unreliable commutes as affordable housing pushes them further from work. So, time in commute is part of a problem exacerbated by lack of affordable housing, low wage, rather than living wage jobs, bad job-housing locations and then unreliable public transportation.

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