Governor Cuomo’s 2019 Budget Invests in Modernizing Energy Grid

Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement as part of his FY2019 Executive Budget to invest state funding into energy storage is a strong and positive step forward the region. As our 4th Regional Plan states “The region’s electrical grid has not kept pace with advances in energy technology and will require greater investment and coordination among energy providers and regulators across the three states to become a lower-emitting, reliable, and flexible system.”

We’re thrilled to see the Governor continue to take decisive action to modernize and decarbonize the electric grid, which reflects both RPA’s recommendations and the advocacy of many other environmental groups regionally and nationally. Investing in energy storage will allow for the expansion of renewable energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create new “green” job opportunities in the state. We hope that New Jersey and Connecticut can make similar investments to advance a comprehensive regional energy strategy that slows the impacts of climate change.

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