#ClimateFacts: Climate Change Threatens the Future [and Present] New York Region

The New York metropolitan region is already feeling the effects of climate change. As shown by RPA’s recent report, Under Water, projected sea level rise poses a severe threat to the region’s neighborhoods, employment centers and infrastructure.

Here are four #ClimateFacts about the New York region:

  • All top 10 warmest years on record in NYC have occurred since 1998, similar to global trends. [Source: Northeast Regional Climate Center]
  • With six feet of sea level rise, 300,000 homes in the region could experience permanent flooding, a possibility as soon as early next century.
  • 20% of the region’s power generation capacity is threatened by six feet of sea level rise.
  • Many low-lying communities in the region already experience occasional flooding due to high tides. The photo above was taken on February 8, 2016 in the Broad Channel area of New York City, which experiences street flooding about once a month.

Learn more about how climate change threatens our region in our report.


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