164 Organizations Across Tri-State Region Pledge To Promote Equity

Today, RPA is excited to announce that over 160 organizations across our region have signed-on to a pledge to advocate for equity over the next generation as the Fourth Regional Plan moves from idea to implementation.

The pledge itself calls the signers to advocate for five equity principles that guide the Fourth Regional Plan:

  1. Affirmatively promote fair housing by both strengthening disadvantaged communities and opening up exclusionary places.
  2. Make decisions more inclusively, from facilities siting, to local land use control, to who gets to participate in local elections.
  3. Reduce inequality by expanding access to economic opportunity and eliminating the racial/ethnic/gender/disability wealth and income gaps.
  4. Create new relationships between communities, industry and nature to provide dignified, productive and ecologically sustainable livelihoods.
  5. Invest in transportation to link all to more opportunities and lower costs for those with the lowest ability to pay.

“The Fourth Regional Plan is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to promote a more just and equitable region,” said Pierina Ana Sanchez, Director, Regional Plan Association – New York. “Together with organizations Across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we are confident that the Fourth Plan will tackle many of the obstacles residents face, we can reduce poverty, close gaps in health and wealth and help to repair this region’s history of of urban planning policies that have perpetuated inequality.”

The full pledge letter as well as the growing list of signatories can be found by clicking here.
The Fourth Plan can be read at: http://fourthplan.org/.


To sign-on to the joint equity pledge, fill out this form and e-mail Pierina Sanchez at pierina@rpa.org with any comments, concerns or questions.

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