10 States Commit To Design A Policy Proposal To Create RGGI for Transportation Fuels

Today, nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia committed to design a regional policy approach to cap greenhouse gas pollution from the transportation sector over the course of the next year. The jurisdictions – all part of the Transportation and Climate Initiative – were informed by the input of hundreds of stakeholders who participated in a series of listening sessions held this past summer, one of which was co-hosted by RPA in New York City.

The joint statement indicated the intent to develop a market-based program that prices emissions and invests proceeds back into low-carbon and more resilient transportation infrastructure. RPA applauds the commitment made by these states and DC, including New Jersey and Connecticut, and is thrilled to see momentum towards our Fourth Plan’s call for an all-sector cap-and-trade market. This program, in addition to congestion-pricing measures and other programs designed to invest in our region’s infrastructure will help to ensure our sustainability, prosperity, equity and health.

Notably absent from the signatories was New York, who we urge to expeditiously address any concerns they may have with the agreement and join as soon as possible.

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